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New-generation silent computer quilter
Product model:s   Power:380v   Identifier:122317523916  Price:Telephone inquiry

Major technical properties:
It is widely applicable for quilting seams of quilts, sleeping bags, bedspreads and curtains.
1.Easily operating with a computer screen in English-Chinese;
2.Adjustable in needle speed, pitch and patterns arbitrarily;
3.Break-line test and auto response and repair;
4.Color-changing display by tracking of computer screen state, and accumulating output automatically;
5.Customize them in all kinds of sizes according to your demands.

Major technical parameters:
Overall size for the machine: 4.7 *3 *1.25m;
Max. quilting size: 2.7 *2.8m;
Max. quilting thickness: >1000g/㎡;
Stitch length: 2-10mm;
Needle speed: 300-2500rpm;
Power supply: single phase 220V;
Power: 2KW.

Outstanding features:
1. This machine adopts industrial belt driving which is in place of the traditional chain drive, so as to reduce working noises;
2. The driving motor, transducer and power driving for the machine head are matched with the high-precision motors;
3. T he sewing machine head only produces the working sound without other any noise when it is working, which is delightful;
4. It adopts the high definition LCD screen.

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