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dust-sucking cloth & woolen yarn fluffer
Product model:6MTB80-97   Power:220V或380V 3--4kw   Identifier:82316331716  Price:Telephone inquiry


This fluffer is a multi-purpose one, and can fluff new cotton, old quilt cover, rag cuttings, sweater, woolen yarn, silk floss, camel’s down, wool, etc.

 6MTB80-97dynamic cotton fluffer is light, handy, beautiful, sturdy and durable. It is simple in maintenance, with high-quality cotton fluffing. It is equipped with fan and de-dusting systems to improve environmental sanitation on the working site. Besides fluffing cotton, it can process old cotton, sweater, wool yarn, rag cuttings, silk cotton, camel’s down, wool, etc.

Major technical parameters:
1.Output: 35kg per hour;
2.Rotating speed of liker-in: 1600rpm;
3.Size of main machine: L×W×H(1380×1180×930mm);
4.Weight: 250kg;
5.Matching motor: 3KW or 4KW.

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