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6MKT2300 one-time molded width-adjustable cotton fluffer
Product model:6MKT2300   Power:380V 4KW/5.5KW   Identifier:82315411416  Price:Telephone inquiry


Major technical parameters:
1. Output≥65㎏/hour;
2. Size of cotton-quilt forming roll: Diameter: 680㎜; length: 2300㎜;)
3.Size of main machine: L×W×H(3600×3200×1200㎜)
4.First liker-in: Diameter: 250㎜, Length: 1600㎜, revolving speed: 2100rpm;
5.Second liker-in: Diameter: 250㎜; Length: 1600㎜; Revolving speed: 2400rpm;
6.First roller:(Feeding spline shaft); Diameter: 48㎜; 4 pieces;
7.Second roller(Feeding spline shaft); Diameter: 46㎜; 2 pieces;
8.Matching main motor: 5.5KW×1440rpm, rotating in counter-clockwise direction;
9.Matching main motor: 4KW×1440 rpm, rotating in counter-clockwise direction;
10. Driving chain wheel and chain: motorcycle type;
11. Total weight: 1500kg.
This cotton fluffer can meet demands of customers in urban and rural regions nationwide, and is mainly used to fluff quilt nets and covers at random of sizes (1.5—2.3 meters). It can make the net with cotton fluffing at a time. By this way, customers can reduce their cost and increase the benefits. So it is a good helper for customers to acquire wealth.

Outstanding features:
1. Well dust absorbing and extracting in usability; no dust in its operation room, and environment friendly, which is a good effect in improvement of working conditions for workers;
2. Frame materials: Its frame is forged with molten iron at thickness of 20mm, durable in use and no deformation for ever;
3. Advanced speed-transformation: the speed transformation for the complete machine adopts a cycloid pinwheel variable-speed gear by motor, and stops or operates it at random, conveniently and safely. In addition, it is endurable in use and not damaged easily.
4. The cotton entry is 1.6 meters wide, and the cotton exit can be decided by users in width and thickness, conveniently and flexibly;
5. Long carding and fluffing cotton velvets with strong tension. No breaking occurs at leading lines of quilt covers formed by crossing the velvets. New cotton and old quilt covers both can be fluffed. It is better than the carding machine and fine cotton fluffer in fluffing property.  


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